East European University of Economics and Management

East European University of Economics and Management provides a wide range of opportunities for higher education and training in various areas of management, law, economics, management, other industries, carries out research and innovation policies, has international links, is actively involved in social and political life of the country.

The pride of East European Universityof Economics and Management is its graduates who acquire a prestigious level of education that meets the international educational and scientific standards, based on the best traditions of national higher education and practical experience in their respective industries.

Eastern European Universityof Economics and Management consists of:

Institute of Economics, Institute of Management, the Institute of Public Administration and Law, Institute for Innovation and Information Technology in Education, the Institute for International and Postgraduate Education, Training and Organizational Department, Scientific Library, Methodical Study Office, Cafe “Window in Paris”, a hostel, a fitness center.


  • Management of organizations;
  • Economy of the enterprise;
  • Economic cybernetics;
  • Finance and credit;
  • Accounting and audit;
  • Marketing;
  • Science of law;
  • Scientific discipline of documentation;
  • Hotel-restaurant trade;
  • Tourism;
  • Translation;
  • Design.
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