Study MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is extremely hospitable and beautiful country with European education system. In Ukrainian universities today, there are more than 63 thousand foreign students from more than 152 countries all around the world. Moreover, year-by-year this number growths.

In the Ukrainian system of higher education, there are educational institutions of various levels of accreditation: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train highly qualified specialists of very different profiles. Foreign students receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also acquire practical skills.

10 reasons for choosing education in Ukraine:

  1. Flexible conditions for entry to Ukraine and a simple procedure for admission to the university. Visa-free regime for foreign applicants. Visa support is provided for citizens of other countries. To enter the University of Ukraine, you do not need to pass any exams.
  2. Tolerant society. In Ukraine there are no interracial conflicts, there are no religious oppressions and interethnic opposition. Ukrainians are tolerant to foreign citizens and are famous for their hospitality to the whole world.
  3. Affordable cost of education in Ukraine. The cost of training in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Europe and USA.
  4. Accommodation in the hostel. Ukrainian universities provide foreign students with a place in the hostel. The cost of living is very democratic.
  5. High European level of education. The leading universities of Ukraine have a centuries-old history, strong teaching schools. Many of them are recognized all over the world. Ukraine became a participant of the Bologna Declaration since 2005 and has a standardized educational system along with other 46 countries in Europe, which increases the mobility of students and graduates.
  6. Ability to choose the form of training. In Ukraine, different options for foreign citizens are available: bachelor, master, postgraduate education. You can study remotely and in the correspondence department. The language of instruction is English and Russian.
  7. Preparatory courses. Most universities organize preparatory courses in Russian and Ukrainian for foreign applicants. Preparation for the training in a higher educational institution takes from 6 to 10 months.
  8. A successful career start in any country in the world. The Ukrainian diploma is recognized in all countries of the world.
  9. A beautiful country with a European standard of living. Ukraine is the most beautiful country. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas – a pristine nature for a healthy and active life. Historical sights, museums, theaters, sports, various types of hobbies, outdoor activities – all this you will find in Ukraine!
  10. Emphasis on practical aspects of studying.

Medical profession:

General information

The profession of the doctor is very voluminous and grasps a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. Every specialist has his own duties.

All these processes are fundamental in determining the activities of the specialist. Each doctor, when receiving a diploma, pronounces the oath of Hippocrates. He undertakes to help and not to harm people, not to disclose information about their illnesses and so on. The oath changes over times and is improved depending on the moral and ethical standards of society.

The world has a huge number of specializations of medical activity, but every doctor should remember: the patient is above all.

On what specialties to study

In order to become a doctor, it is important to choose one of the medical specialties in the relevant institution. The most popular of them are: general medicine; nursery; pediatrics; dentistry; The choice of the course depends on which doctor you want to become and what would you like to do during your life.

Who is suitable for this profession?

A doctor is first and foremost an intelligent person with a good memory. He always strives for excellence and receives new knowledge. After all, medicine does not stand still. It is important that the doctor has high resistance to stress, especially if you have chosen surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics or psychiatry. The doctor should be honest and be able to make quick decisions in critical situations. After all, procrastination can cost the patient a life. In addition, the physician should be able to explain the essence of the problem to the patient, calm and interpret the importance of treatment.


The profession is quite high demanded. Almost every graduate finds a job. It all depends on your desire to be employed.

Is it easy to get a job?

It’s easy to get a job. Each graduate of the university passes the practice, where he builds a further career if he can defend his\her final paper well. Getting into a private clinic is much more difficult. It is important to have work experience and certificates of professional development. Self-improvement is the key to success for recruitment.

Prospects for the profession

The profession of the doctor is the greatest manifestation of altruism.

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