International European University is the new, modern European-level University. The mission of the University is to take the Ukrainian education, science and culture to a completely new level of high quality in order to integrate into European and world association.

At the moment, all conditions for teaching students have been created at the International European University. There are following specialty programs are available:


  • Medicine
  • Management
  • Management and Business-Administration
  • Business-Administration
  • Economics
  • Information technologies
  • Computer science
  • And other programs



Main objective of the Medical Faculty of the Private Institution of Higher Education “International European University”


  • training of highly qualified specialists for the health care system of Ukraine and abroad by providing educational services of good quality, adhering to high standards in teaching, scientific and professional activity;
  • development of basic and applied science in the field of medicine and pharmacy, provision of high-tech medical care and development of new diagnostic and medical technologies for the needs of the national health care system;
  • creation of conditions for students for self-development, self-realization and spiritual search, which is the key to the formation of highly educated, free, democratic and nationally conscious specialists.


In order to ensure the educational process of higher education applicants in the educational and professional program available at International European University, the modern conditions for training, properly equipped laboratories and specialized offices are created. Such conditions help to provide fully practical training for applicants and which are provided with the necessary educational, scientific, medical and diagnostic equipment, educational boards, muffler screens, multimedia projectors, training materials (tables, posters, diagrams, layouts, etc.), microscopes and other medical equipment, tools, equipment and medicines.


At the University, all departments are equipped with educational literature, computer and office equipment, multimedia equipment, modern furniture. Computers are connected to both LAN and Internet.

Therefore, the material base of the Private Institution of Higher Education “International European University” meets the existing requirements and norms and allows providing the educational process in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


The advantages of study at International European University:

  • European level of education
  • European education standards
  • Internship in European universities, clinics
  • The most contemporary equipment
  • Experienced staff
  • Open bases of libraries of well-known universities in the USA and the EU
  • 100 % of classrooms are provided with multimedia equipment
  • Contemporary textbooks, manuals
  • DISCOUNTS for the best students
  • Educational grants from the president of the University
  • Student centered approach to study
  • Involving students to participate in all events of the university



Foreigners and persons without citizenship are informed about local regulatory acts that govern residence issues in the student hostel upon their arrival at the student hostel and further residence.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship are provided with the necessary hostel thermal conditions and lightning in accordance with sanitary requirements and labor protection rules.

Foreigners and persons without citizenship are provided with the necessary equipment, inventory, tools and materials during the improvement, maintenance and cleaning of the premises of the student hostel and its fixed territory.

Rooms are fully furnished and consist of an apartment like system with a two bed and a three  bed room with an attached toilet. On each floor there is a common hall and a common kitchen for cooking. On the ground floor there is a medical cabinet for first aid.

Hostel rooms come furnished with beds, mattress, pillows, blanket, two side tables, one cupboard per room and one table and chair per room. Occupants get a weekly change of bed-sheet and pillow case. Hot water is available 24/7. All rooms are centrally heated. A plumber, carpenter and electrician are available on call.

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