Kherson National Technical University

Kherson National Technical University(KHNTU) – one of the best high schools in southern Ukraine, whose history dates back to 1957.This – institution IV level of accreditation certificate of accreditation Series RD-IV № 222350 dated 10.02.2010 with validity until July 1, 2015, license number 270 188 AE series of 02.07.2013r.

President:YuriyBardachov, PhD, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 254 on the basis of Kherson Industrial Institute March 24, 1997 based Kherson State Technical University.Based on the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 1403/2004 of 15.11.2004 Kherson State Technical University was given national status.

Educational and scientific structure KHNTU covers pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate education.Pre Education:Center for Undergraduate (courses, preparatory courses), physical and technical high school (9-11 grades of high school.)of higher education:faculty of engineering, technology and design, cybernetics, economics, international economic relations, 6 regional departments (Armiansk, Yalta, Feodosiya, KakhovkaHenichesk Kerch), Economic and Technological College.Postgraduate education:faculty training and retraining of specialists, postgraduate and doctoral studies.KHNTU trains specialists in 29 specialties in educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Economic and Technological College prepares young professionals in four specialties.

In recent years, started training specialists in the field:”Design”, “Alternative Energy Sources”, “Translation”.

  • The University two specialized scientific councils that take up defense of the 3 fields. Magazines are published, “Journal KHNTU”, “Automation. Automation. Electro technical complex and systems”, “Problems and lёhkoytekstylnoy industry.”
  • The infrastructure of the University includes the following facilities: complex educational and laboratory facilities of the University and College of Economics and Technology; complex educational and laboratory buildings of the regional departments of the university, branch departments in manufacturing, campus, sports complex, houses for teachers, student clinic family physician. As a student library, 13 computer labs, specialized labs.
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