Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

During the celebration ceremony on August 31, 1898 the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Department had proclaimed an Order of the Russian Emperor Nicolai II on establishing of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. By Czar’s Order the following four Colleges were established: Mechanical (109 students), Engineering (101 student), Agricultural (87 students), and Chemical (63 students).

The idea to establish a technical educational institution was generated 18 years earlier on February 18, 1880.

Today NTUU KPI has grown to around 40 500 students, and 10 000 teaching and administrative staff.

Every year the University accommodates 1500 international students from all over the world. NTUU KPI is a very diverse place, with people from different countries, all kinds of religions backgrounds, and with varied experiences. The University, college, academic stuff, and communities give real support for international students. You will have a vast range of activities, and will meet a diverse range of people here. Your study at NTUU KPI will be one of the most rigorous, most rewarding, and most enjoyable of your life.

Studying at NTUU KPI, you will be taught by our great professor faculty, the experts in your subject area. If you have the commitment, the ability, and the motivation, you can expect intellectual satisfaction and a capability much sought after by employers in industry and academia.

NTUU KPI provides the world’s highest-quality university education in 77 Majors at 29 University Institutes and Colleges. The College is the focus of academic life. In colleges friends are made quickly and there are many opportunities to add to college life.

At the University you can get

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Master Degree
  • Doctor of Philosophy Degree
  • Doctor of Science Degre

All prospective and international students who come to study at NTUU KPI are offered one academic year of intensive study of Ukrainian or Russian Language, which will be the main language of teaching, as well as a possibility to improve their knowledge of main subjects according to the future Degree, e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics, etc., at the Preparatory School of NTUU KPI.

International students can get a Bachelor Degree studying in Ukrainian or Russian within any Academic Program.

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