Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is one of the oldest and largest higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine. It originates from the medical faculty of Lviv University, opened November 16, 1784 in accordance with the patent of the Emperor Joseph II of Austria. Starting from 1986, November 16 is celebrated as the day of the University Assembly that day is a solemn meeting of the Academic Council, which is one of the leading professors delivers a speech assembly, is awarding Honorary Degrees of Doctor and Professor Emeritus of the University. This date is published yearly review the most important achievements LNMU.




January 20 1661 King John Casimir transformed Lviv Jesuit college in the academy with the assigned title of four university faculties: theology, law, philosophy and medicine. However, a full medical faculty until the closing of the University in 1773 and has not been formed.


21 October 1784 the Emperor of Austria, Joseph II signed a patent for the restoration of Lviv University consisting of four faculties. 16 November 1784 students of medicine was read the first inaugural lecture. From that day counts its history Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky.

8 November 1853 Patent Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I. in the Philosophy Faculty of the Lviv University was opened pharmaceutical department. In 1925 pharmaceutical department was abolished and rebuilt in 1930 already at the Faculty of Medicine.

In 1939 , shortly after the transition from Western lands of the USSR Medical Faculty was isolated from the Lviv University and reorganized in Lviv State Medical Institute with two faculties – medical and pharmaceutical.


Former Names

Medical Faculty of the University of Lvov (1784-1805)

Medical Faculty of the Lviv University Franz I. (1817-1918)

Medical Faculty of the Lviv University John Casimir (1919-1939)

Lviv State Medical Institute (1939-1941)

Public health natural professional courses (1942-1944)

Lviv State Medical Institute (1944-1984)

Peoples’ Friendship Order Lviv State Medical Institute (1984-1996)

Lviv State Medical University (1996-1998)

Lviv State Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky (1998-2003 ).

August 21, 2003  , the Presidential Decree number 872/2003 Lviv State Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky, given the national and international recognition of the results of its activities, contribute to the development of national education and science, given the status of National.


University Today

Today Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University combines 6 Faculties , College of Medicine , 77 departments (including 47 clinical), 14 buildings, a university medical dental center capacity over 2000 visits a change, teaching and industrial pharmacy Botanical Garden , CSRL and industrial toxicology laboratory , research center for testing anticancer drugs, academic libraries in 9 hostels, complex student nutrition, sports camp “medical”.

The Department of the University, the Institute of Clinical Pathology, Central Research Laboratory and the Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology, 1227 Scientists are 143 doctors and more than 640 candidates, including 114 professors, 350 associate professors. Among the faculty members LNMU – 5 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 18 academicians and corresponding members of other academies, 8 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 7 distinguished educators, 1 Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, 12 distinguished scientists of Ukraine, 20 distinguished doctors Ukraine.

Foundation University Library has over 575,000 volumes of educational and scientific medical literature. The library has a modern computer equipment, Internet access, liaising with other academic libraries in the city, Ukraine and the world. This allows for teachers, researchers, job seekers and students necessary medical information, educational and scientific literature.

In terms of activity LNMU holds a leading position in the ranking of higher education in Ukraine. This year, the University received awards at international and national educational exhibitions. Thus, the exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions 2012” LNMU was awarded a gold medal and diploma in the nomination “The activities of higher educational institutions to improve the quality of training” and Diploma “For active modernization of the education system”, was awarded the Gold Medal and Diploma of Laureate “Innovations in the use of information communication technologies in education” and competition “Innovation in collaboration institutions of higher education to the labor market.”


According to the rating assessment of higher education institutions conducted by the MES of Ukraine, University ranked second among the top medical schools in Ukraine. In addition, LNMU entered the “Top 20 universities of Ukraine”, and ranked second among the top medical schools for Ukraine in the international database Scientometrics «SCOPUS».

Last year at the Faculty of postgraduate education improved professional level for more than 10 thousand doctors and pharmacists, were about 900 postgraduate training interns. In 2012 he completed a residency training in 23 doctors (including 5 foreigners), 26 master’s degrees, 14 graduate students.

2012 enrolled for training in clinical studies 26 people, master – 18 people in graduate school – 12 people (7 – job, 5 – on the job), Doctoral – 2 people. Currently, the university’s 3 doctoral students, 64 graduate students (including 2 foreigners), 41 undergraduate, 64 clinical residents (including 33 foreigners).

The University Graduate School of 32 specialties and doctorate from 6 specialties. There are 5 of academic councils for defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations in 11 specialties. As of November 1, 2012 at the University planned and executed 52 doctoral and 240 master’s theses.



  • Medical faculty No.1
  • Medical faculty No.2
  • Faculty of dentistry
  • Faculty of pharmacy
  • Faculty of distance education
  • Faculty of postgraduate education



The medical faculty № 1

  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Department of Hygiene and Preventive Toxicology
  • Department of Epidemiology
  • The department of general hygiene of the environment
  • Department of General Surgery
  • Department of Infectious Diseases
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Latin
  • Department of Anatomy
  • Department of Pathological Physiology
  • Department of Ambulatory Care, Family Medicine and Dermatology, Venereology
  • Department of Radiology Diagnostics and Therapy
  • Chair of Internal Medicine № 1
  • Department of Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Surgery emergencies
  • Department of Surgery № 1
  • Department of Physical Training and Sports Medicine
  • Department of tuberculosis and pulmonology


Medical Faculty № 2

  • Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology
  • Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Department of Pediatric Surgery
  • Department of Endocrinology
  • Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology
  • Department of Medicine of Emergency Conditions
  • Department of Medical Biology, Parasitology and Genetics
  • Department of Microbiology, Virology, Immunology
  • Department of Physiology
  • Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine
  • Chair of Internal Medicine № 2
  • Chair of Children’s Diseases
  • Department of Social Medicine, Economics and Health
  • Department of Pharmacology
  • Department of Surgery № 2


Faculty of Dentistry

  • Department of Neurology
  • Department of Operative Surgery with Topographic Anatomy
  • Department of Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Department of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Department of Psychiatry, Psychology and Sexology
  • Department of Children’s Stomatology
  • Department of Therapeutic Stomatology
  • Department of Internal Medicine № 2
  • Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery


Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Department of Biological Chemistry
  • Department of Biophysics
  • Department of General Chemistry, bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization
  • Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy
  • Department of Drug Technology and Biopharmaceutics
  • Department of Toxicology and Analytical Chemistry
  • Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany
  • Department of Pharmaceutical, Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Department of Philosophy and Economics


Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

  • Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology FPDO
  • Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care FPDO
  • Department of Haematology and Transfusion FPDO
  • Department of Clinical Laboratory FPDO
  • Department of Medical Informatics FPDO
  • Department of Health Law FPDO
  • Department of neurology and neurosurgery FPDO
  • Department of Oncology and Radiology FPDO
  • Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy and Drug Technology FPDO
  • Department of Health Management and FPDO
  • Department of Ophthalmology FPDO
  • Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology FPDO
  • Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy FPDO
  • Department of radiation diagnostic FPDO
  • Department of Rehabilitation and alternative medicine FPDO
  • Department of Therapeutic Stomatology FPDO
  • Department of Therapy and Medical Diagnostics FPDO
  • Department of Urology FPDO
  • Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry FPDO
  • Department of Surgery and Endoscopy FPDO
  • Department of Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry FPDO



The students’ hostels are located near the main academic buildings. Students can be accommodated in 8 hostels with everything needed for studying (including internet clubs and reading rooms), everyday life (with canteens, cafes, the sewing and footwear work-shops, the barber’s and the laundry open) and rest (gyms available)

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