National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine- Dnepropetrovsk

National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMAU) is the oldest higher education institution in Ukrainian metallurgy.

History of establishment and development of the Academy, its scientific and pedagogical schools isinseparablyconnected with the development of industry, science and education of Ukraine.

Today the national metallurgical Academy of Ukraine is the integrated State higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation with the developed infrastructure. It conducts educational activities at all educational-qualifying levels of higher education: junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master of 16 branches, more than 60 specialities and specializations, preparing scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification on 22 specialities, pre-university training and post graduate education.

The Academy is composed of 7 full-time faculties (metallurgical, engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and processing of metals, economy and management of computer systems, energy and automation; humanities), correspondence course, technical schools, scientific research department, postgraduate study, doctoral studies. In addition to the above, the structure of the Academy consists of: regional center of education for disabled people, the state Institute for the training and retraining of personnel, library, faculty for advanced training of professors and specialists, foreign students department, preparatory department, sport-recreation camp “Friendship”. Five comfortable hostels provide housing to all non-resident and foreign students.

Today about 20000 students, 175 graduate students and 10 doctoral students study in NMetAU, it also employs about 1000 teachers and researchers. Majority of teachershave academic degrees and titles. Among them theshareof doctors and professors is 14 percent, as well as present member and associate member of the NAS of Ukraine, 25 present members and corresponding members of the branch academies of Ukraine, 16 have the titles of honoured workers of science and technology, education, honoured winners of the State Prize.

At the Academy there are 14 scientific schoolsin different directions. Widely known in Ukraine and abroad: Dnepropetrovsk Scientific School of theoretical and applied materials science, Ukrainian fundamental school of electrometallurgical engineers and heat-treaters, as well as schools in such areas as metallurgy of iron and steel, metallurgical heat engineering, heat-and-power engineering, metallurgical equipment, metal forming, etc.

The Academy cooperates on international agreements, programmes, projects, grants with universities, companies, scientists of the United States, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Moldova and other countries of the world. On the initiative of NMetAUa consortium of five technical universities: Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Ukraine was founded and an integrated curriculum of training in “Metallurgy” wasdeveloped.

Faculties and departments

Faculty of computer systems, energy and automation

  • Department of information technologies and systems
  • Department of heat engineering and ecology of metallurgical furnaces
  • Department of automation
  • Department of industrial power system
  • Department of economic informatics
  • Department of applied mathematics and computer science

Metallurgical faculty

  • Department of metallurgical processes theory and general chemistry
  • Department of chemical technology of ceramics and refractories
  • Department of metallurgical fuels and reducing agents
  • Department of metallurgy of cast iron
  • Department of steel metallurgy
  • Department of life safety

Engineering Faculty

  • Department of electrometallurgy
  • Department of electrical engineering and electric drive
  • Department of foundry
  • Department of physics

Faculty of materials science and processing of metals

  • Department of coatings, composites and metal protection
  • V.M. Druan department of technological design
  • Department of metal forming
  • Department of higher mathematics
  • Department of heat treatment of metals
  • Department of quality, standardization and certification
  • Y.N. Taran-Zhovnir department of material science

Faculty of mechanical engineering

  • Department of wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics
  • Department of manufacturing engineering
  • Department of applied mechanics
  • Department of environmental engineering and safety
  • Department of machinery and equipment of metallurgical production
  • Department of theoretical and structural mechanics

Faculty of Economics and Management

  • Department of accounting and auditing
  • Department of finance
  • Department of political economy
  • Department of management
  • Department of industrial economics
  • Department of project management
  • Department of management of foreign economic activity

Faculty of humanities

  • Department of engineering pedagogics
  • Department of translation and languages
  • Department of intellectual property
  • Department of history and Ukraine studies
  • Department of philosophy and political science

Documentation science and information activity faculty

Physical education faculty

Correspondence faculty

Center for postgraduate education, retraining and improvement of professional skills of the staff

Regional center for the education of disabled people

Career and employment support center

Institute of integrated study

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