Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology-Dnepropetrovsk

The University cooperates in science and education with foreign universities and institutions: 

  •     Belarus State Technological University (Minsk, Belarus) 
  •     Mendeleev Russian Chemical-Technological University  (Moscow, Russia) 
  •     K. Pulaskyi Technical University ( Radom, Poland) 
  •     Technical University (Chemnitz, Germany) 
  •     University of Chemical Technology Beijing (Beijing, China) 
  •     University of Washington (Seattle, USA) 
  •     University after Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France) 
  •     Grebenshchikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  •     Warsaw Polytechnic (Warsaw, Poland) 
  •     Zelinskyi Institute of Organic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences 
  •     Department of Materials, University of Sheffield (UK) 
  •     Institute of Applied Biotechnology “Radostim” (Germany) 
  •     Martin-Luther University, the city of Halle (Germany) 
  •     Clement Okhridskyi Sofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria) 
  •     Viatka State University (Kirov, Russia) 
  •    Public corporation “Elast-PU (Moscow, Russia) 
  •     ENER Company (USA) 
  •    Advance Research Chemicals Company   (USA) 
  •     Corporation “BI Technologies Corporation” (Fulleron City, USA) 

   According to the agreements with foreign institutions our scientists exchange their experience in education, teaching work, joint research; raise  employees’ qualification, team work in publishing of articles, participate in international conferences and seminars. 
   The University  carries out the research work, financed by international funds and organizations: 

  •    joint scientific research with Surface Research Technology Centre, Great Britain (supported by the British Royal Society ) 
  •    Research Corporation, “BI Technologies Corporation” (Fulleron City, USA); 
  •    STCU  project together with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry ASRUz (Uzbekistan) and State Design Bureau “Yuzhnyi” (Ukraine) 

   The University maintains contacts with international funds of CRDF, NATO, INTAS, DAAD, American Councils, Fulbright, IREX, TACIS, informational and consulting centers,  educational and international centers and other organizations. 

   The staff and students of USUCT   participate in international conferences, symposia, seminars, joint research in the leading educational institutions and research centers in the U.S., UK, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Czechia, Germany, Israel, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus and others.

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